Re-entry procedure for non-Japanese student loosened

According to the article of on March 29th, 2011, Ministry of Justice suggested that the Government will permit re-entry without getting the Certificate of Eligibility for non-Japanese students who temporarily left Japan without re-entry permit because of evacuation after East Japan Earthquake.

Students usually have to obtain the Status of Residence again if they leave Japan without re-entry permit, which takes over one month and students could not enter Japan at the beginning of new school term. If the special measure is executed, students can do the procedure in about five days at the earliest, although they still have to obtain visas.

According to Immigration Bureau, many people who wished to leave Japan rushed into the bureau to get the certificate of re-entry permit because of the earthquake and the nuclear accident. Some went back to their home countries without the certificate. About 7,500 people who have the status of "student" left Japan after the earthquake on 11th. Some schools have asked the Bureau if the students can come back to school at the beginning of the term.

Hotline of Immigration Bureau for Emergency

Regarding inquiries about immigration in case of emergency please make a phone call to the following telephone number.

However, for individual inquiries (progress or result of application for residence permission, etc.), we will not be able to respond. Your kind attention is highly appreciated.

Telephone   Number 03-3592-8120
Open hours  09:00 am 5:00 pm

Language    Japanese, English and Chinese

Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice

Re-entry permit can be issued at KIX this weekend

This post is erased because of uncertain information.

Period of stay is extended until Aug. for victims

Press release by Ministry of Justice
Current as of March 16, 2011
Immigration control measures for extension of the period of stay and other related matters  in  accordance  with  the  occurrence  of  the  Tohoku-Region  Pacific  Coast Earthquake Disaster.  
The expiration date of the period of stay shall be extended through a Ministry of Justice public notice (Ministry of Justice Public Notice No. 123 of March 16, 2011) pursuant to the provisions of Article 3, paragraph 2 of the Act on Special Measures for Preservation of  Rights  and  Profits  of  the  Victims  of  Specified  Disasters  (Act  No.  85  of  1996; hereinafter referred to as Special Measures Act) in accordance with the 2011 Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake. The details are as given below.  
(1) Applicable foreign nationals
Those  foreign  nationals  who  came  under  any  of  the  following  at  the  time  of  the occurrence of the 2011 Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake (hereinafter referred to as this  earthquake):
a) Those foreign nationals residing in Japan in possession of a status of residence.
b) Those foreign nationals whose period  of  stay is due to expire by August 30, 2011.
c)  Those  foreign  nationals  who  were  in  the  Aomori  prefecture,  Iwate  prefecture, Miyagi  prefecture,  Fukushima  prefecture  or  the  Ibaraki  prefecture  (hereinafter known as specified districts) or those persons who registered  pursuant to the provisions  of  Article  4,  paragraph  1  of  the  Alien  Registration  Act,  and  whose places  of  residence  registered  in  the  registration  card  stipulated  in  the  same paragraph are in the specified districts.
Moreover, this shall also apply to those cases where the foreign national was residing pursuant  to  a  special  provision  on  the  period  of  stay  (see  note)  at  the  time  of  the occurrence of this earthquake, and those cases where the foreign national whose place of residence  in  terms  of  the  Alien    Registration    Act is in a specified district at  the time  of  the  occurrence  of  this  earthquake  and  who  was  outside  of  Japan  on  a re-entry permit, re-enters Japan by August 30, 2011. 
(Note)  Special  provision  on  the  period  of  stay  (Article  20,  paragraph  5,  Immigration  Control  Act (including cases applied mutatis mutandis in Article 21, paragraph 4 of the same Act))  
In cases where an application for change of the status of residence or an application for extension of the period of stay was made within the period of stay, if the  disposition  for  the application is not made by the time of the expiration date of the period of stay corresponding to the status of
residence  held  by  the  foreign  national  concerned,  residence  will  be  continued  for  a  certain extended period.  
(2) Measures
With  regard  to  the  foreign  nationals  to  whom  the  abovementioned  (1)  applies,  the expiration  date  of  the  period  of  stay  corresponding  to  the  status  of  residence  held  by such  foreign  national  shall  be  extended  until  August  31,  2011.  The  details  for  the handling of such shall be as given below.  
a) Since the  applicable  persons period  of  stay has been extended until August 31, 2011, such  person  will be able to lawfully stay  and  depart from Japan without the need to acquire an extension of the period of stay and without falling under illegal residence  until  such  time.  
However, if such  person intends  to  depart  from Japan after the expiration of
the original period of stay, which became subject to the extension measures, such person will need to be  confirmed at the immigration examination point that such person  is  indeed  a  foreign  national  to  whom  the  extension  measure  applies, therefore, please speak to the immigration inspector.    
b)  In  case  the  applicable  person  departs  from  Japan  in  the  future  and  re-enters Japan by August 31, 2011, if this  person  applies for re-entry permission  beforehand, the  person will be able to acquire such permission.  
c) On the other hand, please take due note that this does not mean the valid period of the  re-entry  permit,  which  the  applicable  person  has  already  received,  will  be extended.  
d)  In  addition,  please  take  due  note  that  this  does  not  mean  that  the  period  for permission to engage in an  activity other than that  permitted  by  the  status    of residence previously  granted,  will be extended.
e) If the  applicable  person wishes to continue to reside beyond August 31, 2011, it is  necessary  for  the  person  to  apply  for  permission  for  change  of  the  status  of residence or permission for extension of the period  of  stay. In such case, the  pers on must apply for permission for change of the status of residence or permission for extension of the period of stay by August 31, 2011.  
f)  Moreover,  with  regard  to  the  special  provision  on  the  period  of  stay  of  those foreign nationals who applied for permission for change of the status of residence or permission for extension of the period of stay by August 31, 2011 (Article 20, paragraph  5,  Immigration  Control  Act  (including  cases  applied  mutatis mutandis  in  Article  21,  paragraph  4  of  the  same  Act)),  if  the  disposition  for your  application  has  not  been  made  by  such  date,  you  will  be  able  to  reside  in Japan continuously under such status of residence from September 1, 2011 to the time  at which the disposition on your application is made or the date on which two months have passed, whichever comes first.
(3) Confirmation if the foreign national comes under the measures
Those foreign nationals who currently hold an alien registration certificate are asked to present the certificate to the official in charge at the time of the application  or  other  procedure of the abovementioned (2).  
With regard to those foreign nationals, who do not have an alien registration certificate or whose place of residence given in the alien registration certificate is not included  in a specified  district,  such  foreign  nationals  are  asked  to  inform  the  official  in  charge either in writing or orally at the time of making the application  or  other  procedure of the abovementioned (2) that they were in the districts to which these measures apply or that they have a place of residence there.  
In addition to the abovementioned matters, with regard to the applications stipulated in the Alien Registration Act, the provision of exemption of disaster victims stipulated in Article 4 of the Special Measures Act shall apply.  

Immigration Bureau provides info about victims left Japan (ƣУģ)

Official Information in English by Immigration Bureau (March 18)

news release by Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau General Affairs Division Immigration Information Office

Inquiry regarding safety confirmation of disaster victims

 (Reference for the fact of departure)


Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau decided to provide information individually by the procedure below for inquiries that ask whether some individual person has already left Japan or not. This service is provided to confirm safety of victims suffered from Tohoku Earthquake in 2011.


1.      Person who Immigration can provide info about

Non-Japanese who have alien registration in Cities, Towns, and Villages which are in designated area according to Disaster Relief Act in Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures, and who are also your family or relatives including relationships equivalent to family or relatives.


2.      How to get departure information

Please declare information below by telephone, fax, or e-mail.


3.      How to answer

Immigration Bureau will answer about existence of the fact of departure regarding the person who is declared and his/her alien registration is confirmed. Answers are provided by telephone, fax, or e-mail in half day or so. The fact of departure means that the person left before the Earthquake and there is no record of re-enter since then.


*Information to be declared

(1)   information of non-Japanese who you want to ask about

Nationality, name, date of birth, sex, address (minimal administrative district should be addressed at least)

(2)   information of you

Nationality, name, date of birth, sex, address or living place, contact telephone number or fax number, and relationship to a person who you want to ask about.


*Inquiry about a person who lives outside of the designated area or whose address is unknown cannot be accepted.


4.      Service hour

Telephone:  9:30-18:00 on Monday - Friday

Fax or E-mail: 24 hours including Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

5.      Reference

Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau General Affairs Division Immigration Information Office

Sawada and Sirayori

Tel: 03-3592-8120

Fax: 03-3592-7368



 Designated area according to Disaster Relief Act in Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures regarding Tohoku Earthquake

(From Press Release by Ministry of Health, Labour and Walfare on March 15th, 2011)

==Iwate Prefecture==

Kamiheii-gun Ootsuchi-cho
Shimoheii-gun Yamada-machi
Shimoheii-gun Iwaizumi-cho
Shimoheii-gun Tanohata-mura
Shimoheii-gun Fudai-mura
Kunohe-gun Noda-mura
Kunohe-gun Hirono-cho
Iwate-gun Shizukuishi-cho
Iwate-gun Kuzumaki-machi
Iwate-gun Iwate-machi
Iwate-gun Takizawa-mura
Shiwa-gun Shiwa-cho
Shiwa-gun Yahaba-cho
Waga-gun Nishiwaga-machi
Isawa-gun Kanegasaki-cho
Nishiiwai-gun Hiraizumi-cho
Higashiiwai-gun Fujisawa-cho
Kesen-gun Sumita-cho
Kunohe-gun Karumai-machi
Kunohe-gun Kunohe-mura
Ninohe-gun Ichinohe-machi

==Miyagi Prefecture==

Katsuta-gun Zaou-machi
Shibata-gun Oogawara-machi
Shibata-gun Kawasaki-machi
Watari-gun Watari-cho
Watari-gun Yamamoto-cho
Miyagi-gun Matsushima-machi
Miyagi-gun Shichigahama-machi
Miyagi-gun Rifu-cho
Kurokawa-gun Daiwa-cho
Kurokawa-gun Tomiya-machi
Kurokawa-gun Oohira-mura
Touda-gun Wakuya-cho
Oshika-gun Onagawa-cho
Motoyoshi-gun Minamisanriku-cho
Katta-gun Shichikasyuku-machi
Shibata-gun Murata-machi
Shibata-gun Shibata-machi
Igu-gun Marumori-machi
Kurokawa-gun Oosato-cho
Kami-gun Shikama-cho
Kami-gun Kami-machi
Tooda-gun Misato-machi

==Fukushima Prefecture==

Date-gun Kori-machi
Date-gun Kunimi-machi
Date-gun Kawamata-machi
Adachi-gun Ootama-mura
Iwase-gun Kagamiishi-machi
Iwase-gun Tenei-mura
Yama-gun Bandai-machi
Yama-gun Inawashiro-machi
Kawanuma-gun Aizubange-machi
Kawanuma-gun Yugawa-mura
Oonuma-gun Aizumisato-machi
Nishishirakawa-gun Nishigou-mura
Nishishirakawa-gun Izumizaki-mura
Nishishirakawa-gun Nakajima-mura
Nishishirakawa-gun Yabuki-machi
Higashishirakawa-gun Tanagura-machi
Higashishirakawa-gun Yamatsuri-machi
Ishikawa-gun Ishikawa-machi
Ishikawa-gun Tamakawa-mura
Ishikawa-gun Hirata-mura
Ishikawa-gun Asakawa-machi
Ishikawa-gun Furudono-machi
Tamura-gun Miharu-machi
Tamura-gun Ono-machi
Futaba-gun Hirono-machi
Futaba-gun Naraha-machi
Futaba-gun Tomioka-machi
Futaba-gun Kawauchi-mura
Futaba-gun Ookuma-machi
Futaba-gun Futaba-machi
Futaba-gun Namie-machi
Futaba-gun Katsurao-mura
Souma-gun Shinchi-machi
Souma-gun Iitate-mura

==Aomori Prefecture==

Kamikita-gun Oirase-cho


What if I become overstay due to earthquake?

On March 14th, Tokyo Immigration Bureau told Kantou Region's Conference of Japan Federation of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Associations that the Bureau considers Special Acceptance of applications for foreign people who could not do immigration procedure on time and became overstay due to East Japan Earthquake.


The Bureau can accept applications from overstayed people when;

1) the applications are submitted through certified agents including Gyoseishoshi  Lawyers and attorneys, and;

2) The overstay is caused by East Japan Earthquake.

So you can focus on rebuilding your living situation so far even if your period of stay is passed.

Sendai Immigration Bureau Works As Usual

News release by Ministry of Justice (in Japanese)


Electricity was restored in 13th morning. The operational network was also restored in 13th afternoon.

Sendai Immigration Bureau is planned to start regular work on 14th, Mon.

Sendai Airport is closed, and all immigration work is stopped there.

Telephone of Information Center (022-298-9014) is accepting consultations about immigration affairs on 24 hour schedules (in Japanese only) for the near term.


Other immigration offices (Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Fukuoka Immigration Bureaus, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Airport, Kansai Airport, Yokohama, Kobe, Naha Branches, East Japan Immigration Center, West Japan Immigration Center, Oomura Immigration Center) works as usual. You should note that international flights may be changed (delay or cancel) .

Visa information for survivors of East Japan Earthquake

-Contact your country's Embassy

Please contact your country's Embassy or Consulate General to report about yourself. Your country's government may want to make sure that you are safe. The embassy or Consulate General may help you in many ways.

List of Embassy or Consulate General in Japan

China: Embassy of the People's Republic of China
      TEL 03-3403-3388
Korea: Embassy of the Republic of Korea
      TEL 03-3452-7611/9
       Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Sendai
      TEL 022-221-2751/3
Philippines: Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
      TEL 03-5562-1600
            Honorary Consulate of the Republic of the Philippines in Morioka
      TEL 019-625-2131
Brazil: Consulate General of the Federative Republic of Brazil
      TEL 03-5488-5451
Peru: Consulate General of the Republic of Peru
      TEL 03-5793-4444/4445
Viet Nam: Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
      TEL 03-3466-3311/3313/3314
          Honorary Consulate of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Kushiro
      TEL 0154-44-1040
Indonesia: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
      TEL 03-3441-4201
           Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Sapporo
      TEL 011-207-2100

-When you lost your passport

You can do immigration procedure without your passport in Japan.

Please contact your country's embassy if you want to come back to your country soon without passport. Your country's embassy can issue a travel document for you.

-When you became overstay

Please do not worry about your status of residence (visa status) even if your expiration date is passed while you are involved in earthquake. Immigration will not deport you if you could not do the extension procedure because of your emergency. However, visa extension may not be permitted if your overstay is caused by other reasons.

-Free Visa Consultations

1) Consultation Support Center for Foreign ResidenceTokyo
(English, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, Bengal)

TEL 03-3202-5535
TELFAX 03-5155-4039

2) Sendai Immigration Information Center (in Sendai Immigration Bureau)

TEL 022-298-9014  (9 a.m. -4 p.m.)

3) Sendai Regional Immigration Bureau and Local Offices
9 a.m. -4 p.m.

Sendai Immigration Bureau 022-256-6076(TEL) 022-298-9102(FAX)
1-3-20 Gorin, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Pref. Post Code: 983-0842
Koriyama Immigration Office 024-936-3231(TEL)  024-936-3229(FAX)
Sakatakou Immigration Office 0234-22-2746(TEL)  0234-22-2824(FAX)
Akita Immigration Office 018-895-5221(TEL)  018-895-5223(FAX)
Aomori Immigration Office 017-777-2939(TEL)   017-777-2963(FAX)
Morioka Immigration Office 019-621-1206(TEL)  019-621-1207(FAX)

4) Immigration Bureau's e-mail address for questions

Please use Japanese language at the present moment. Moreover, the immigration authority will not answer your question in foreign language for some time.

It should be noted that it might take some time to answer your question in some cases. In addition, the immigration authority might not answer some of your question, depending on its characteristics.

The answers to your questions will be disclosed to the general public. In order to protect privacy, the immigration authority will not answer your question if you ask us a question on the current status of individual application procedures at regional immigration bureaus, or question on the current status of individual decisions or deportation processes.

-List of Multilingual information for East Japan Earthquake


Comparea munido de passaporte, RG, CPF e gaikokujin touroku, e, se possuir, documento militar, certido de nascimento e de casamento.

Local: Centro Internacional de Okayama
(Okayama Kokusai Koryu Center)
Hall de Recepo do Subsolo
Endereo: 700-0026 Okayama-ken, Okayama-shi,
Kita-ku, Hokan-cho, 2-2-1
Telefone: 086-256-2917(em japons/ingls)

Data: 11 de Dezembro de 2010 (sbado)
Entrega de senhas: das 13h s 15h
Sero atendidos preferencialmente pedidos de

12 de Dezembro de 2010 (domingo)
Entrega de senhas: das 9h s 12h
Sero processados no mesmo dia os pedidos de Procurao Pblica, Registros de Nascimento, de Casamento e de bito, Atestado de Vida e Alistamento Militar.

Verifique as instrues e os documentos necessrios na homepage do Consulado.

Para requerer seu passaporte, preencha o formulrio eletrnico, apresente o protocolo impresso, originais e cpias dos documentos e uma fotografia 5cm 7cm (tirada de frente, ntida, fundo branco. Caso use culos ou piercings, recomenda-se tir-los).

 Procurao Pblica
Caso precise de procurao diferente dos modelos do Consulado, traga a minuta (texto do modelo da procurao) necessria digitada em formato Word, extenso doc, gravada em CD ou pen-drive.

 Registros de Nascimento, de Casamento e de bito
A fim de que o processo seja previamente analisado, sugerimos que ENVIE para o Consulado at o dia 30 de Novembro toda documentao necessria para os Registros de Nascimento, de Casamento ou de bito, via correio (conforme instrues na Homepage) por remessa registrada.

 Retirada de Ttulos de Eleitor e 2 Via de Documento Militar
Caso tenha feito o pedido e deseja receber o Ttulo de Eleitor ou a 2 Via do Documento Militar no Itinerante, favor solicitar por e-mail ou FAX at o dia 08 de Dezembro.

Os pedidos de Autenticao de Cpias, Atestado de Nacionalidade, Reconhecimento de Assinatura por Semelhana, Atestado de Residncia e Adiamento de Incorporao no exigem a presena do interessado, podendo ser solicitados pelo correio.

Realizao: Colaborao:
Okayama-ken Okayama-shi Kita-ku Hokan-cho 2-2-1
Okayama Kokusai Koryu Center
Tel: 086-256-2917 (japons ou ingls)

Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Naka-ku Marunouchi1-10-29
Shirakawa 8th Bldg. 2F
Tel: 052-222-1077 Fax: 052-222-1079

Multicultural Party in Okayama, Dec. 12, 2010

 Lets Enjoy A Party With Us!  

Study Group for Non-Japanese Women in Okayama and Okayama City

You can enjoy foreign dishes, games, dances, and chatting! Everyone is welcome regardless of nationality, age and sex.

10:00-13:00,  Sunday, December 12

Sankaku Okayama (Okayama-shi Kita-ku Omote-cho 3chome 14-1-201)

How much:
500yen ( 200yen for shogakusei, Free for pre-school age and younger )

 For Whom:
50 non-Japanese and 50 Japanese can attend with a reservation.

Reservation:  Tell your name and telephone number at;
              TEL 086-803-3355 (in Japanese or English)
              Or send your information to;
              FAX 086-803-3344, or
     (in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, or Portuguese)

This party is held for non-Japanese and Japanese residents to find friends and be connected in Okayama City.  Please feel free to join us even if you cannot understand Japanese language!

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