Working Women in A Foreign Country


Recently foreign working women of the same age with me often come to my office. The same age means in their 30's. They are mostly Chinese ladies. I feel a kind of bond with them and I know that they also feel it.

When I lived in the U.S. five years ago, I saw many single Japanese women in their 30's or 40's. About 10-20 years ago, single women in their 30's felt difficulty to live in Japan because Japanese people had a fantasy about marriage. People believed that women who do not get married until 30 were losers of their life. Moreover, Japanese companies were, probably are still, not willing to hire women who are over 35. So women who were in their 30's, single, and have not a career enough to be independent were oppressed by their societies.

I think that some Chinese working women in Japan are "on-the-border ladies". If she is feminine enough, she is probably a wife already. If she is smart enough, she would have a good career in her country. I was also an on-the-border Japanese lady in the U.S.

I ended up returning to Japan and trying to build my own career. That is why I cannot help worry about the Chinese ladies. I want to say to them GANBARE!