Briefing session on NOVA issues

This information is translated from the website of GENERAL UNION.

NOVA filed a petition for protection under the Corporate
Rehabilitation Law and deprived Sahashi of representation
right. Anders Lundqvist, Hitomi Yoshizato, and Shoichi
Watanabe got a right to represent instead. Osaka District
Court appointed attorney Toshiaki Touhata and attorney
Noriaki Takahashi as preservation administrators.
Disposal of assets and receiving and spending money are
conducted with the permission of the court. Since delayed
wages are also going to be paid according to the court's
decision, it might be difficult to get them soon.

The Corporate Rehabilitation Law is designed to rebuild
a company. It is the strongest legal liquidation by the
court. Since Sahashi family's shareholding ratio dropped
under a quarter, ownership became unclear. The court is
going to appoint a receiver and investigate for
possibility of rebuilding.

Filing for bankruptcy protection does not automatically
cause layoffs. Since status of teachers and staff members
are still maintained, they have rights to request unpaid
wages. They cannot go to work because NOVA ordered all
schools to close temporarily. It means "standing by at
home" because of a difficulty in working. It is not a
resignation. We recommend that they keep the document and
photocopies of attendance records such as timecards.

As for Employment Insurance(Koyoh Hoken), you can get unemployment benefits after one-week waiting period. However, It might be difficult for NOVA to issue separation notices(RISHOKU HYO). To issue separation notices is one of obligations of administrators. However, it is still difficult to get the notices soon. If anyone of staff members has a position to issue separation notices, just keep issuing them. Our union will negotiate with the court to get wages for that work
because that is an assistant work for administrators.

Hello Work also can issue separation notices if you have a proof of payment. Please contact Hello Work for more information. Unemployment benefit is provided within one year. If you can get an unemployment benefit of 90 days, you should apply for it within nine months.

(General Union held briefing sessions on Oct. 29th in Osaka.)

Dear Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Yoichi Masuzoe:

Katsuji Yamahara
committee chairman of General Union

Yujiro Hiraga
committee chairman of National Union of General Workers Tokyo South

Urgent request about Nova crisis

We are labor unions which started a consulting center to avoid the expansion of damages of employees and consumers of NOVA. We request you below because this situation is not calmed without your effort.

1 Moreover hundreds of thousand of consumers, there are 7,000 of foreign teachers and staff members of NOVA. We request to conduct a plan to bail out them, who have troubles in wage payment and are about to lose their job.

2 Many teachers who are our union members have reported NOVA's breaching the Labor Standards Law. However, NOVA still delays in paying wages in spite of request for corrective action by Labor Standards Supervision Office Osaka Chuou. Although Osaka Labour Bureau is reported to start procedure of sending the case to the prosecutor, it does not go smoothly. We request that you order president Sahashi to go to the office and get investigated.

3 Many teachers and staff members of NOVA rushed to Labors offices. Since answers of some officers are not correct, employees often make a complaint about it at our offices. We request that you order the officers to handle this situation in an appropriate manner.

4 Though there are many unemployed people who cannot speak Japanese, there is few officer who can speak English in Labor offices. There are no English brochure and no English website. We request that you order Labor offices to allocate English speaking officers at least at the windows of "Employment Insurance", "the Project to Pay the Unpaid Wages (MIBARAI CHINGIN TATEKAE SEIDO)",and "career service". We also request to make multilingual brochures and the website.

5 When the government did revocation of the certification of education and training project, many students were cancelled their classes and could not get a certificate of completion.

It is not right that no-fault students cannot get their benefit. It would cause distrust of the benefit system. We request that you offer a bail-out plan such as guarantee of taking courses and paying benefits.


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