For teachers and staff members of NOVA

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For teachers and staff members of NOVA

(1)NOVA went bankrupt without paying wages and retirement money. However, 80% of the money can be protected by the Project to Pay the Unpaid Wages (MIBARAI CHINGIN TATEKAE SEIDO) based on funds of the Government and the Labor Insurances. Though it may take over half year to get the money, this project is applied to all workers including people who do not have the Employment Insurance (KOYOH HOKEN).

(2)When you voluntarily quit with having the Employment Insurance, you need to wait for three months to get paid unemployment benefits. If the unemployment occurs by the company's convenience, you can get unemployment benefits only after one-week waiting period. Even if you voluntarily quit, it is considered as "company's convenience" when
bankruptcy happens;
there was over-two-month-delay of payment;
the employee was transferred to a school with round-trip commute of over four hours, or;
the employee was urged to retire.

When the company do not issue a separation notice(RISHOKU HYO), local Public Employment Security Offices (HELLO WORK) can issue it if you bring evidences such as your payment slip. However the offices might be very crowded.

(3)If you are foreigner and your visa status gets expired soon, you should find new job as soon as possible. If you does not have a time to do it, just go to the Immigration Bureau and change your status to temporary one such as "Designated Activity (for preparation of leaving Japan)", and then look for a job during the term.

(4)Please check your Employment Insurance, social insurances and other business document again. Uninsured person still can have the insurance retroactively by a request of confirmation(KAKUNIN SEIKYU).

When you are laid off, you can maintain your Health Insurance or can transfer it to National Health Insurance(KOKUMINN KENKOU HOKEN). In the case of transference, the local government may ask you to pay premiums for past two years. If you are going to be hired by another company, your Health Insurance will be maintained.

(5)Announces about all procedures above will be mailed to you by public agencies and unions. If you change your address or go back to your home country, let us know your new addresses. We will inform that to agencies on behalf of you.

Project to Pay the Unpaid Wages (reimbursement)

When a company goes bankrupt without paying wages, employees can get a part of unpaid wages with using Project to Pay the Unpaid Wages.

This project can be used in legal bankruptcy (bankruptcy, special clearance, company liquidation, the corporate rehabilitation procedure, corporate reorganization proceedings). In the case of middle and small businesses, factual bankruptcy such as flit can be applied, too. People who quit from six months to two years before the bankrupt day can use this project.

Intended unpaid wages are the retirement money and wages from six months before retirement date and to the latest payday before you requested for this project. It includes overtime charges and excludes bonus. Wage which is less than 20,000 yen in total is not counted.

Amount of reimbursement is 80% of the unpaid wages. It has different limitation by age.
[over 45 years old]
Maximum of total unpaid wages 3,700,000 yen
Maximum of reimbursement 2,960,000
Maximum of total unpaid wages 2,200,000
Maximum of reimbursement 1,760,000
[Under 30]
Maximum of total unpaid wages 1,100,000
Maximum of reimbursement 880,000

1a. In legal bankruptcy, a receiver or the court gives you a certificate.
1b. In factual bankruptcy, (1) apply for the certification of bankruptcy to Labor Standards Supervision Office (Roudou Kijun Kantoku Sho), and then (2) request and get the Notification of Confirmation (KAKUNIN TUUCHI SHO).
*You should apply for the certification of bankruptcy within six month from retirement date. If other people already get the certificate, you do not need to do it.

2 Submit your request letter to Japan Labor Health and Welfare Organization (Roudou-sya Kenko Fukushi Kikoh).

For information about this project, contact to Labor Standards Supervision Office (Roudou Kijun Kantoku Sho).

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