Rap Workshop for Multicultural Children

 Rap Workshop for Multicultural Children

8/27 Sat. 15:00-16:30

At Former Okayama Chosen Gakko

Okayama-shi Minami-ku Fujita 608-3

Map:  http://goo.gl/J4HYH

Title: Hito, Kotoba, and Rhythm

 1. Explanation of rap music (history, demonstration, and method)

2. Making your own rhyme

3. Making a rap music by gathering your rhymes.

Instructor: Funi, rap musician


He has Korean ancestors in Japan. Started rap group KP in 2002. In 2006, he acted and did music producing in a nationwide play GO. 5th Album”Ikuotoseikun” by KP was released in January 2010. He is doing workshops at universities and junior high schools besides live performances.

Contact at : mail@artdialogue.jpn.org (in Japanese only)

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