Re-entry procedure for non-Japanese student loosened

According to the article of on March 29th, 2011, Ministry of Justice suggested that the Government will permit re-entry without getting the Certificate of Eligibility for non-Japanese students who temporarily left Japan without re-entry permit because of evacuation after East Japan Earthquake.

Students usually have to obtain the Status of Residence again if they leave Japan without re-entry permit, which takes over one month and students could not enter Japan at the beginning of new school term. If the special measure is executed, students can do the procedure in about five days at the earliest, although they still have to obtain visas.

According to Immigration Bureau, many people who wished to leave Japan rushed into the bureau to get the certificate of re-entry permit because of the earthquake and the nuclear accident. Some went back to their home countries without the certificate. About 7,500 people who have the status of "student" left Japan after the earthquake on 11th. Some schools have asked the Bureau if the students can come back to school at the beginning of the term.